Part Worn

MOT and need a new set of tyres ?

We do have a large selection of tyres new and part worn which would be ideal if you have  a MOT test coming up and know your tyre tread will fail the test. Usually the front set of tyres are worn faster than the rear due to them turning whilst you steer. Everyone these days […]

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Cheap Tyres in Hull

Give us a call now for cheap tyres in Hull available in a range of sizes, we do – Budget Tyres Brand New Tyres Remould Tyres Call us on 247955 to check our stock and prices!

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Tyre Company in Hull

We are a local tyre company in Hull that can fit you a part worn or a brand new tyre. Our cheap prices make sure you get a great deal on your tyres as they also include fitting too. We are based just off a road down Leads Road in between HPR Fencing and a […]

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Tyres in Hull fitted “while you wait”

If you always busy and don’t have time to either wait or book in to travel by bus or taxi somewhere else then don’t worry we can fit you in and have tyres changed within 15-30 minutes depending on how many. All we ask is for you to give us a call to let us […]

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Cheap car tyres in Hull (Part worn & New)

If you after a cheap tyre or even a cheap set of tyres for your car then you need to call and see if we have some in stock that will fit your car. We need the size of the tyre to give a quote and can be found on the wall of the tyre. […]

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