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You’ve found a  local supplier and fitter of Tyres that covers the Hull area and offers cheap budget, branded and punture repairs of tyres in Hull.

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For optimum handling and control, local Hull companies recommend the fitment of four tires of the same type and size unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

We get new stock in all the time so call for a price today. If you don’t need the tyres fitting the same day then arrange a day to come in and get them fitted.TYRES HULL

Stock we hold include both new budget and branded tyres as well as the cheap tyres part worn and plenty of tread on (And are legal)

185 The tyre section width in millimetres
60 The aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tyre’s width)
R Denotes the tyre’s construction type – in this case it’s a radial
14 Rim diameter in inches

Tyre companies or businesses in Hull for new sets of tyres.

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